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Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is a spiritual practice that is shared amongst many cultures around the world. Shamanism is the oldest spiritual healing practice known to man and can be dated back to the stone age. During a shamanic healing session, the shamanic practitioner travels between the unseen worlds to work with luminous beings on the root cause of the clients issue.

Lauren C.
Shamanic Practitioner

Before your session I will travel to the unseen worlds to ask my guides what type of healing is specifically needed for you. At the beginning of your session we will discuss your current issues and what you are looking to resolve. Your session may include any of the following - Soul Retrieval, Extractions, Cord Cutting, Personal Power Retrieval, Power Animal Retrieval, Psychopomp, Curse Unraveling, Bands of Power, Drumming, Rattling & Reiki.

Sessions may last anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on the client
Price - $325

Soul Retrieval

One may experience soul loss or soul fragmentation for many different reasons. During your session I will journey out to the unseen worlds to find your soul piece and bring it back to you.

Reasons for Soul loss:
Any form of abuseAddictionGriefAbandonment or rejectionSudden accidentBeing forced into something against your own free will
Benefits of Soul Retrieval:
Heal traumas or abuse - Ability to heal addictionHelp strengthen relationships - Strengthen spiritual beliefs & abilities Break bad patterns - Help understand cause of Physical pain Heal past livesRemove phobiasBetter decision makingFeel more whole and better well beingChange negative beliefs


Removes negative energy intrusions from the body or energy field, restoring your natural sense of harmony, wholeness and inner peace.

Cord Cutting

Cutting emotional cords that negatively bind us to others.

Power Animal Retrieval

Everyone has a personal power animal or guardian spirit which assists us with wisdom, guidance, strength, and power. Power animals sometimes leave us for various reasons, which make us feel a loss of personal power. Bringing your power animal back can help you to regain your personal power and give you more control over your life.


Escorting Deceased souls from Earth to the Afterlife.

Curse Unraveling

Curses can be caused by dark magic or simply from negative words from other, or even sometimes ourselves. Shamanic Curse Unraveling gets to the source of the curse and unravels the life force energy that binds the curse. Symptoms of curses may include- nightmares, bad luck, trouble in relationships, fatigue, issues sleeping and anxiety.

Bands of Power

These luminous bands are layered over the chakras to bring the highest level of protection from our ascended masters. Perfect for one who is sensitive to energy, empaths, someone experience a frequent state of fear & anyone overcoming any form of abuse.

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